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Police searching for Rumford stabbing suspect Featured

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RUMFORD (WGME) - A woman is recovering from a stabbing in downtown Rumford.

The police were still searching for answers Sunday evening.


Residents and people who live around Cumberland Street spoke out, many of them are still in shock over the stabbing that happened here Saturday night.


They said such thins as "This is not a normal thing around here." "It's really sad for the kids."


On this quiet street many witnessed a horror. "When I was looking out the window, I seen the lady over there getting helped out." said resident Marshall Burley.


Rumford police say a 35-year-old woman was stabbed while walking home. They are still looking for the suspect, and neighbors say they have no idea who could have done it.


Burley added "Everybody's cool with each other because everybody knows each other basically."


Another resident Jessica Therriem stated "It's really crazy, it scares the little kids, they could get nightmares from that."


And at the end of the day, many hope for the victim and community to heal. "I just want people to care for each other, that's all I want, love and care, that's all that matters." added Therriem.


Burley concluded "But it was just one freaky incident. That's it, it was just one freaky incident."


Police said they are also searching for a person who allegedly has a video of Saturday night's incident, they want them to come forward so that it can help them in their investigation.

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