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Fire Marshal's examine scene of Brewer tavern fire Featured

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BREWER- A horrifying scene at Cap's Tavern on South Main Street in Brewer Thursday night.

“We do have concerns about the fire. There are some things that are relatively suspicious,” said Jason Moffitt, Brewer public safety officer on Thursday night.

Bringing State Fire Marshal's to the scene on Friday to try and piece together what exactly happened.

“We rule out everything. We have to go in, we can't just find what caused it. We have to go in and rule everything out and what's left caused the fire. That's the point we're at now. We're trying to rule things out,” said Sgt. Scott Richardson with the Maine State Fire Marshal's Office.

Several crews responded to the scene of the popular Brewer bar just after 11 o'clock Thursday night.

Initial reports suggested people were trapped, but thankfully, officials say everyone made it out safely.

Now, officials are just searching for answers.

“It's a big scene. There's a lot of people around. And we're just trying to find people that were here and they left and we haven't been able to locate them at this point. We don't think they're in the fire, they just disappeared. We're trying to chase them down,” said Sgt. Richardson.

And while officials work to find clues as to what happened on Thursday night, neighbors are left trying to find the words to describe their feelings following the catastrophe.

“We're a little close knit family down here. People that lived in the neighborhood, we met down here every day and got to know each other. We always came down to find out how each other was doing. We had some good times down here,” said Susan Pelkey.

“My wife got sick a couple years ago, she was actually in a coma. And within three days, this place raised $5,000 for us. Three days. Drop of a hat. That's the kind of people they are. This is a neighborhood bar. They're all friends. They're all family,” said Scott Randall.

Neighbors say they hope the owners of Cap's will rebuild, but in the meantime, officials call the area an active crime scene and plan to keep working until they get to the bottom of the incident.

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