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Senator King speaks highly of Maine National Guard Featured

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Senator King speaks highly of Maine National Guard

WASHINGTON D.C.- Senator Angus King had nothing but good things to say about the Maine Army National Guard Thursday during the senate armed services committee hearing.

Over the last ten years, the Maine National Guard has partnered with Montenegro to help the young nation after it declared independence 11 years ago.


The senate voted to approve Montenegro's accession to NATO back in March.


Senator King said a large part of the success is thanks to the work done by Mainers.


"We have been working with Montenegro since 2006, and i am extremely proud of the work that our men and women have done in order to facilitate a very important geopolitical development. So I wanted to preface my remarks with a real recognition of the work that was done by those good people from Maine." said Senator King.


The focus of Thursday's meeting was Montenegrin officials' claims that Russia attempted to overthrow the government.