Tuesday, 11 July 2017 15:57

Congressman Poliquin addresses homeless issues Featured

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Congressman Poliquin addresses homeless issues

BANGOR -  Congressman Bruce Poliquin is introducing a new bill to help seniors and veterans keep up with the cost of living.

He's looking to sell over 3,000 vacant government buildings and properties around the country.


These buildings are costing more than a billion dollars to maintain and the Congressman believes a better use for that money would be to boost benefits. He said “The cost for these goods and services are going up each year. The cost of living increase is to keep pace with that, and that hasn't happened. So lets sell these buildings that's costing us a fortune, that's sitting vacant and unused and use that the money to give it to our seniors for a cost of living adjustment."


He believes that by selling these vacant buildings, seniors and veterans will receive an approximately 1.5 percent increase in their social security and military benefits.


He also said if these buildings become absorbed into the private sector, new taxes can be generated for the communities where they're located.