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Experts say bay is still healthy after thousands of fish wash ashore Featured

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BRUNSWICK (WGME) - Thousands of dead fish washed ashore in brunswick this weekend.

Leading to foul smell and many wondering how they were all killed.


Wildlife is abundent along the Brunswick coast.


Brunswick Marine Officer Daniel Devereaux, said "We've got two bays here. We have Maquoit Bay and on the other side of Mere Point we have Middle Bay."


But when that wildlife ends up dead, many get concerned Devereaux stated "I would estimate hundreds of thousands of fish." Piled up and left to rot ashore.


"Some of the residents along those areas can't even open their windows. The smell is so bad." added Devereaux.


Devereaux said fisherman catch these pogy's for bait. He stated "Because of the amount of fish, they're filling their boats up. And obviously sometimes the net has more than the boat can hold."


The extra fish are then released which Devereaux said kills them off. "I don't think it's an on purpose thing. I just think it's part of the process unfortunately." he added.


To be sure experts were brought in. Friends of Casco Bay tests local bays for oxygen levels. Ivy Frignoca of Friends of Casco Bay said  "Yea! This is looking healthy, that confirms for us that the pogy die off isn't related to bad water quality."


While the clean up remains, Deveraux hopes this can be prevented in the future He said "I think that we're smart enough that sometimes we can think of better processes that would hone that down, weather it be equipment, better gear, whatever."