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Rediscovering Belfast Featured

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BELFAST - Not only is Belfast known for hosting fun activities on the waterfront, but also has a thriving downtown. Whether you're looking to enjoy some great cuisine or go shopping, there's plenty to do.



"It really is an adventure," said Michelle Berry, the owner of Moonbat City Baking Company, "Everyday is different. We meet all of these wonderful people."


Belfast, once known for its chicken farms, is now something out of a movie. This all season city draws thousands each year to enjoy all that it has to offer.


"It's a good change," said Katherine Pickering, the city's Harbormaster, "You see a lot people down here now that you thought would have never thought would have come down here before."


The city is perfectly located by the harbor, a spot enjoyed by fishermen and community members looking to interact with nature at its finest.


"I have been a huge supporter for the harbor as long as I have been here," said Pickering, "I love to see people come down to here, whether or not they have a boat. It's a good place to hangout."


Some even enjoying the Harborwalk, a spot where boats are preparing for the season. People can get a tour on a schooner from 1931.


"It's a tall ship," said Lance Meadow, the owner of Maine Daysails, "They're iconic. It's a very unique Maine experience."


If the water isn't enough.Take a tour downtown to enjoy what the local businesses have to offer. The city is filled with countless shopping locations and places to grab a bite.


"I love the people, the atmosphere," said Katherine Loblein, the owner of The Front Street Pub, "We all work together. We have great friendships and neighbors. It's friendly."


"You see all these wonderful people that come from all over the county and all over the world," said Berry, "It's good for the town and for everybody."


Some are also offering rentals for those looking to spend a few nights in this wonderful city.


"People who weren't going to stay in Belfast and they were going to continue on to a different city - they are staying," said Tina DelSanto, the owner of Harborwalk Restaurant, "We are wanting to offer them this to them and other places are doing that as well."


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