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100 year old Old Town fire truck comes home Featured

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OLD TOWN - What was once lost is now found. Old Town firefighters welcomed an old addition back to the family Thursday.

The Old Town Fire Department is looking to bring history back, one that's over a 100 years old.


Lt. John Kokoska said "We brought back our 1917 Garford firetruck, it just so happens that it's the 100th anniversary of when the truck was initially purchased."


This truck is one of the first pieces of motorized fire fighting equipment for this city and now it's been restored and returned.


Lt. Kokoska added "The bells rang a hundred years ago. The firefighters came down the same pole that we have right there and jumped on the trunk. The only difference is you don't get to ride on the back anymore."


This truck spent some time lost in the woods, it was rundown with trees growing out of it. It was revamped and kept at the Hose 5 Fire Museum until now.


Memorial Day Parade Coordinator Timothy Caliandro said "This is 2017, the Garford Fire Truck behind me is a 1917.It's a 100 year old of Old Town city history."


So it's only right that this little piece of history is properly restored. To honor a routine that was done years back, crews pushed the truck right into the station.


"It's just nice to be able to have something like this back 100 years later." said Lt. Kokoska.


They are hoping to raise enough money to build an enclosure for the truck so it can be a reminder of the town's rich history and part of it's future.