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Pot delivery service is giving weed away for free Featured

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PORTLAND (WGME) - It's not yet legal to sell recreational marijuana here in Maine, but a number of companies are getting around that.

They're giving the weed away for free and charging a fee for delivery right to your front door.


Packaged up and ready to go. Logan Martyn-Fisher is taking cannabis on the road. He said "We were out every other day for a few weeks and now we're out every single day."


Martyn-Fisher said "We can meet at your house, we can meet at your business where ever you want." His company, Elevation 207, was started in February.


"Now that it's legal we can kind of come out into the light and become a legitimate business." Martyn-Fisher added.


He'll deliver all kinds and amounts and while the weed is free, his services are not. He stated "The delivery service is sort of like it's own company and the weed is free through the care-giving company."


Fisher said he charges anywhere from $75 to $250 depending on how much you want.


Attorney Tammie Snow said "I have a hard time arguing that's it's actually legal." Attorney Snow advises marijuana businesses and stated this is a gray area in Maine law.


"If this were to go to trial, I think they would look at what a reasonable person believes is happening. And a reasonable person would say you're not paying for the delivery you're paying for the cannabis." said Attorney Snow.


But Martyn-Fisher said they've been cautious and even added local police haven't interfered. He said "I've had a couple encounters in the past few years and it's shown me that they don't really care anymore."


While the laws sort themselves out, Martyn-Fisher said he's happy to be opening up doors for many. He added "We're delivering to people's grandparents that if you saw them on the street. You would never ever think that they're the ones going to be buying so much weed."


But lawyers say there's still a liability Attorney Snow said "they see a money making opportunity but it is going to be legal. Hold off, I just don't think that it's worth the risk."