Thursday, 18 May 2017 10:47

Maine Seacoast Mission closer to housing volunteers Featured

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CHERRYFIELD - An organization in Cherryfield is one step closer to housing volunteers from all over Maine.

Three days ago, you'd be looking at a blank concrete slab.


Lee Watrous came all the way up from Connecticut to help build, for free. He said "At home we wouldn't have gotten this much done in a week."


Watrous said "The support and the hospitality that we've gotten makes it all the better and all worthwhile."


The Maine Seacoast Mission is taking the next step toward expanding its community outreach program by constructing a new addition. Program Director Wendy Harrington said "With this facility we have housing for the volunteers who come up during the summer, we see 300 plus volunteers."


They come from all over the state to offer services to the community. Organizers say the building will open many new opportunities. Harrington stated "The addition with this piece, they'll be able to cook all of their own meals here, and have a place that is comfortable at the end of the day."


The work done on the Maine Seacoast Mission has totaled to more than $400,000 so far, all through donors and grants.


Harrington concluded "We believe so strongly in building a healthy community and all of that is built through the relationships from our community programs as far as that is concerned."


The Maine Seacoast Mission is still looking for $160,000 to finish the final stage of the construction.