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Millinocket camp owners speak out about flooding Featured

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MILLINOCKET- “It's a mess.”

“This is the worst we've seen in a long time.”

“Yesterday morning at nine o'clock it was completely normal, wouldn't think anything of it.”

Fast forward 24 hours, some roads are underwater, camps are flooded, and people are upset.

“Some points along the road, it looks like the river is actually higher than the road,” said Tim Caverly of Millinocket.

“Right now it's at the level at the bottom of our cupboards where it hasn't gone up in it,” said Joanna Berry, a Millinocket camp owner.

All the snow melt and rain proving to be too much. Brookfield Renewable making the decision to open the gates of the Ripogenus Dam at the head of the west branch of the Penobscot River, aiming to relieve some pressure, but not without a cost.

“I feel like they didn't really need to let it all out like this all at once,” said Berry.

“They're starting to put out the warning horn saying that the dams are being opened,” said Caverly.

As of now, crews say the flood gates will remain open until next Wednesday.

It is estimated that the water pressure went from 2,000 cubic feet per second to more than 17,000.

In a statement from Brookfield Renewable, they remind people to avoid the area and stay off the river. With high levels and velocity, the conditions are too dangerous.

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