Monday, 24 April 2017 09:47

Holocaust Remembrance discussed at Congregation Beth Israel Featured

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BANGOR - Monday is "National Holocaust Remembrance Day."

Bangor residents gathered to hear from a local expert on how we teach the historic event and it's impact Sunday.


In a packed room at Congregation Beth Israel, members of Bangor's Jewish community met to discuss a topic at the forefront this time of year.

Dr. Anthony Wexler from Colby College spoke to the community to examine just how we learn and discuss the Holocaust.

Yom Hashoa marks Holocaust Remembrance and while this group needed no reminder to the historical impact. The focus of the discussion centered around the evolution of how it's importance is taught and what that means for the future of both Jewish life and the broader community.

And while the event comes further into the past, Wexler said that is exactly why this dialogue grows in significance.