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Environmentalist gather to discuss EPA cuts Featured

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AUGUSTA - Maine environmentalists claim President Donald Trump is shredding environmental policies and they held a conference in Augusta Thursday.

A report released by the Natural Resources Council of Maine said the cuts to the E.P.A. Proposed by the Trump Administration are drastic and devastating to Maine's lakes, rivers, air and ocean waters. According to the report, Maine D.E.P. Received more than $11 million from the Federal Environmental Agency last year, helping to pay for nearly 100 staff members.


Pete Didisheim, NRCM Advocacy Director, said "The cuts that have been proposed by the administration are some of the most unprecedented and we believe irresponsible that have ever been proposed for the E.P.A."


We reached out to Republicans in the Maine Legislature for comment on the issue, but none were made available Thursday afternoon.


The environmental activists contend cuts to air pollution monitoring programs would increase asthma rates in the state.


Samantha Paradis, R.N., stated "Maine is geographically located at the tail pipe of the gulf stream. This means air pollution from the other state moves across the gulf stream and lowers the quality of Maine's air significantly."


The proposed E.P.A. budget slashes nearly all funding once targeted for climate change initiatives.


Lidie Robbins, 30 Mile River Watershed Association, said "Unfortunately, our lakes are a lot more fragile than people realize. Their decline is imminent without our vigilant protection."


Messages seeking comment from the Federal Environmental Protection Agency media department were not immediately returned.


These environmentalists said it's ironic that 45 years ago the "Clean Water Act" was passed. And now the Trump Administration wants to decimate it.