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Fairfield man arrested after dispute ended in a woman shot Featured

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OAKLAND (WGME) - A domestic dispute Wednesday night ended with a woman shot and her ex-boyfriend in custody.

Oakland police said the victim fought back, leaving the suspect with injuries of his own.


Oakland Police said Jeremy Clement went to his ex-girlfriends house around 8:30 p.m. Kicked down the front door wielding a gun. Which police stated he later used to shoot his ex-girlfriend in the shoulder.


Crime tape is still visible after police surrounded an Oakland home last night


Police Chief Michael Tracy stated "The door was locked when he got there and they told him they didn't want to come in and he kicked the door in and came in anyway."


Officers said Jeremy Clement, 36, came to the house wanting to speak with his ex-girlfiend.


"She was concerned that he might be coming over. She called earlier in the day and told us to keep an eye on her house because she was afraid he might come over and he did." added Chief Tracy.


Officers did put out extra patrols, but said when they got the second call, Clement had already broken in and had shot his ex-girlfirend with a hand gun.


Ed Chubbuck said he watched the whole thing unfold. He stated "Ya know... Right next door... It is kind of dramatic you know."


Chubbuck added "I'm not sure if he said anything to them or not but then he just fired form out in the hallway right there. She was inside somewhere. Hit her in the shoulder and her mother started beating the hell out of him." Chubbuck stated the victim's mother used whatever she could to get Clement to leave.


"I don't know if she hit something inside the house or what but she was bleeding. Her face was all blood." stated Chubbuck.


We stopped by the house to find more about what happened, but no one was home.


Police stated even after Clement was hit in the head by the mother of the victim, he wouldn't go down without a fight, even resisting arrest.


Chief Tracy said "They were able to handle it. They actually tazed him and sprayed him later."


Police said clement is charged with elevated aggravated assault and burglary. He's currently being held at the Kennebec County Jail.