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"Taste of India" reopens with an expanded Indian menu Featured

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BANGOR - For 17 years "Taste of India" has served authentic Indian cuisines in Bangor. They closed temporarily to do some revamping but they are back.

Taste of India is looking to bring some culture to Downtown Bangor with its new menu options.


Owner Shri Kant stated "We've been around for a long time and we wanted to provide a better service for our clients. I have been to India and have seen 5 Star Haveli. We wanted to be similar to an Indian Haveli. That's why we did it, to be traditional."


The restaurant closed for 2 months while it got revamped. Not only does it have new menu options, but a bar to keep up with the night life on the weekends.


"It's just important for us because we want to be well known in the area, especially for Indian food." added Shri.


While they were closed, the owners traveled back to India to learn about the new foods being served there. This helps them to continue providing Bangor with authentic Indian food.


"Co-owner Navita Kant said "People like it - people are really really happy."


Maine Night Out Owner, John Stuart stated "The food is just pact full of flavors, it's rich, we really want people to come in here and give it a shot. I fell in love with the food here. I can't get enough of it myself. I have tried almost every dish now. It's been great."


"I am so happy here. My older customers are happy. They come back, they come back for the hugs and kisses and say, thank god you guys still live here." concluded Navita.