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Program designed to assist family and alchoholics Featured

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Program designed to assist family and alchoholics

BANGOR - April is alcohol awareness month, now the Lunder-Dineen Health Education Alliance of Maine is teaming up with experts all across the state to develop a new initiative to fight alcohol abuse.

The organization recently started "Time to Ask," a program to give health care providers the tools they need to talk with patients and families about the impacts of alcohol use. These include the proper knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to do so.


Officials said societal norms cause many people to think alcohol use is okay, even if done in excess.


"Time to Ask" gets experts to gather useful information to share with other health care professionals in order to improve communication between providers and patients, helping lead to better decisions.


Senior Program Manager Denise O'Connell stated "In primary car practices, that's where most of us go for our health and we're trying to provide education that gives that professional the confidence and comfort in talking with us about it. A health professional talks to us about alcohol, we are more likely to change our behavior. It's one of the most effective screening tools that exists in this country."


For more information on "Time to Ask" visit their website.


There you can find short video segments and resources you can use to be more informed about alcohol use.