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William "Doc" Morrill to be inducted into Maine Country Music Hall of Fame Featured

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BANGOR - Legends don't come along every day.

The Maine Country Music Hall of Fame will have another one this June when William "Doc" Morrill joins it's ranks.


"It's been a very good ride." That's how Doc described his country music career that spans almost 70 years. He added "Back when I was 16, I worked in a shoe shop with a guy. He had a radio show so I used sing with the shop radio. He heard me sing and he said why don't you come down and do my radio show."


From there Doc went on to do live TV. He became a mainstay with the "Curly O'brien Show" but first he had to learn to play guitar. He stated "I was about 18, maybe 17, 18 before I even picked up a guitar to play. My mother bought me an electric guitar. Something she never should have done because the neighbors complained. Nothing sounds worse than trying to learn to play guitar, an electric guitar with the volume turned up."


Even while he played with a band at Northern Kingdom Music, Doc joked about his talent, but over the years he played with some of the best. Some musicians said he paved the way for them.


Country musician Danny Harper said "One of the nicest most humble men I have ever met in the music business. He's the real deal."


Doc added "I just loved it, you've got to love it and I did. I still do it. I'm a DJ at a radio station. I can't sing. My voice has gone to pot but, I can still do my radio show and that's fun."


Doc will be inducted into the Maine Country Music Hall of Fame in June. He said "It's as far as you can go in country music and who knows how long you know... I'll be around to enjoy it and that means a lot to me. I get a chance to look at that plaque and see it hanging on my wall. That's what it means to me."


That doesn't mean Doc is ready to call it quits yet. "If anybody is looking for a guitar player I'm ready." stated Doc.