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Death with dignity bill remains in legislative process Featured

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Death with dignity bill remains in legislative process

AUGUSTA - One of the bills that would have allowed doctor-assisted suicide in Maine will not be moving forward.

The Health and Human Services Committee voted to kill the bill known as "Life With Dignity." However they did move forward with another bill that would allow it.


The so-called "Death With Dignity" bill is still in the legislative process. The bill would allow doctors to prescribe medication that a patient may self administer to end their lives on their terms.


Supporters said it should be an option for terminally ill patients, but critics worry it could lead to elder abuse and exploitation.


Representative Deb Sanderson, R-Chelsea, said "I do understand the folks who are proponents of this, they don't want to see their loved ones suffer and folks facing suffer, however in our world now with the pharmaceuticals that we have I just don't think that's something that's going to happen."


"We heard from a lot of patients that would like to have the option, and you know I feel like if someones in that situation, that kind of really dire, painful situation then its a decision that's probably best made by them in consultation with them and their family and maybe not proper for the state to continue to deny that option." stated Representative Ben Chipman, D-Portland.


If the bill passes the Health and Human Services Committee, it will go to the full legislature.