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Former John Bapst student talks about realizing your dreams Featured

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BANGOR - A former John Bapst student is hoping to inspire current students after a presentation this morning.

Donald Brooks, who now studies molecular biology and global health at Harvard, spoke about his foundation he started called "Initiative Eau."


The initiative is an international NGO working to provide sustainable support to regions experiencing little access to clean water, while also promoting community-led initiatives and doing research.


As a student at John Bapst seven years ago, Donald heard another presentation from an NGO about water sanitation that inspired him to start Initiative Eau.


Now he wants give current students a chance to find their passion .


Brooks said "Ultimately, I just want to pass along this message that I started something here, in response to a presentation here, really I want to pass along that this is possible. From this presentation a student could get inspired and then do something and continue to build something that fundamentally changes their life course."


If you would like to learn more about Initiative O, visit this link.

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