Wednesday, 29 March 2017 10:22

Challenger Space Center gets big donation from a local company Featured

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BANGOR - The Challenger Learning Center gets a helping hand from a local contracting company.

Nickerson and O'Day Inc. donated $10,000 to help the center grow. The company has given about $30,000 to the learning center over several years. The center helps to expand kid's minds about space, math and engineering.


President of Board, Bill Buckley said, "That's what our whole purpose is, to inspire these children. To go on to higher education."


President and CEO, Karl Ward added, "If we can trigger a kid's interest and say, 'You know science and math is's actually really cool,' then maybe they might think about an engineering or math major. If this is that catalyst then great."


The center plans to use the money to help fund programs, buy new equipment, and upgrade their software.