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Republicans repealing 3% tax surcharge Featured

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AUGUSTA - November elections may be over, but it seems legislators aren't done fighting over the outcomes. Senate Republicans are looking to repeal the three percent tax surcharge, saying this move to increase education funding only raises taxes. The Governors office also released a statement today agreeing, saying the surtax will have a negative impact on the economy.


Senate Republicans are concerned with the passing of Question 2 this November, saying the 3% tax surcharge will weigh heavily on small businesses and families.

"It's described as a tax on the very wealthy, but its not really when you consider the threshold of $200,000" said President Dana Connors of the Maine Chamber of Commerce.

President Connors believes that taxing families who make over $200,000 will drive the younger generation away from Maine saying "ts an amount fixed in time that doesn't get adjusted with inflation".

Senate republicans are proposing to use different forms of tax revenue to achieve the required 55% the state has to pay for the cost of education. Senate Chair Dana Dow said "There are some other streams that are going to come, from out of state. Internet sales also."

While Senator Dow disagrees on using Marijuana tax, President Connors says the money that money will be used regardless, "Those dollars will end up somewhere in our state, and one of the highest uses will be to prepare our kids".

Senate democrats were unavailable for an immediate comment on the matter.

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