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International Women's Day celebrated across the country Featured

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International Women's Day celebrated across the country

NATIONWIDE - Wednesday was "International Women's Day" celebrating all of the contributions women have made to society.

Millions of women across the country marched and while the day was devoted to girl power, some argue women are powerful every day.


Maine Women's Lobby, Executive Director, Eliza Townsend said "Celebrating 'International Women's Day' once a year is fantastic and it's fun, but it's also important to focus on issues that affect women every single day of the year. We want to encourage women to speak up and take action about the issues that are a challenge for them, and we want our elected officials to know that women are 51 percent of the population in Maine and 53 percent of the voters."


Events to support the cause happened all of the country, including the events in Denver, Arizona, and Miami.