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Game wardens warn snowmobilers to slow down after nine deaths so far this year Featured

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STATEWIDE - In what has been a deadly year for snowmobile accidents, Maine State Game Wardens are warning riders about the deteriorating conditions of snowmobile trails.

They say these conditions expose rocks, stumps and other hazards, making for life-threatening consequences if riding irresponsibly.


Over the weekend Maine saw it's 9th snowmobile related death of the season just south of Jackman.


A woman from Massachusetts died after she drifted off a trail and crashed into a group of trees.


Game wardens said there have also been a number of other non-life threatening snowmobile crashes. They're finding many of these riders are going too fast.


Warden John MacDonald said "It's on the snowmobiler it's not on anyone else when they get behind those handlebars of their snowmobile they need to be operating in a speed that allows them to stop in time for a hazard or someone else in the trail and in some cases we're not seeing that."


Even though the weather has been a bit unpredictable this season, MacDonald said they are expected to register 80,000 snowmobiles in Maine.


He wants to remind riders it's a safe family friendly sport when people remain alert and drive at appropriate speeds.


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