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Bangor's first fat bike race sees great turnout Featured

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BANGOR - The "Essex Woods Fat Bike Race" is a three part event spanning throughout multiple states.

On Sunday, the event in Maine finished up it's race in Bangor but this year it brought more then just a race to the city.


The crowds lining the trails are not only celebrating these athletes, but the personalities of the racers.


At least that was Harland Hasey's perception as he rode for fun in the novice group of the Essex Woods Fat Bike Race Sunday.


Over 50 fat bike racers came tot ear up the trails, they're time and place were determined and monitored using a score board.


But winning or losing wasn't the theme of the day, money raised at the event is going towards outdoor recreation in the Queen City.


They're proving that fat bike racing is another sport families can get involved with during the frigid winter months.


Harland is one of the bikers encouraging the family friendly sport.


And it looks like his hard work has paid off. Although he was riding for fun, Harland is going home with bragging rights, and a first place trophy.