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An Eye on the Northern Border Part I Featured

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CALAIS - It's the 3rd longest border patrol sector in the nation, stretching from the state of Maine to Alaska. But it's now under evaluation after the passing of the Northern Border Security Review Act.

There's no physical wall, but the line could be in some of locals own backyard. This bill is looking to strengthen the northern border. It's been a hot topic for over a year. With talk of building a wall on the Mexican border, some are wondering about the security of our northern border with Canada and whether more should be done there.


"I say build a wall in the northern border," said Wayne Chick, a resident, "Trudeau is taking in all these refugees. We don't know who is coming across."


"The border is very secured. I have gone over there and they are very good about checking everything," said Alexandria Bodge, a waitress at Karen's Diner, "They are very good. If you are an American citizen, if you are coming back. They do not cheap out on you, they don't just assume, they check everything. They don't leave any stones upturned."


There are over 20 border crossings in the state. Whether it's potential terrorists or drug traffickers, some people are on edge about who is coming and going over the border.


"We have to protect our country, if Canada wants to take all the refugees, they can take them," said Chick, "We have to keep the United States safe and strong."


Just in Calais alone there are three border crossings, where just a simple walk on the bridge, you're in Canada.


"You can go over and like see how a different country is," said Bodge, "It's so close. I can go over there in a five minute drive."


Before 9/11 - people used to come and go over the border all the time. Whether it was for cheaper gas, visiting family or even unique foods - it wasn't uncommon to have the mixing of the two countries. They still rely on each other to support the local economy. Over $900 millionin trade crosses the northern border every day.


"Everyone knows everyone," she said, "Literally even in a different country. I have gone over there to the bars and they knew who I was because I work at a bar here."


A rumor that has plagued the town for years, was that the terrorist from 9/11 entered through its borders. It's been a debated topic for years and even debunked. But that thought still lingers in the back of some people's head. While others aren't that concerned.


"The Canadian border and American border on each side, there are sensors," said Bodge, "So when people come over, even if I went on a kayak and touch the ground, they would know. I feel like they are very secured, especially of how close we are. People could be worried. Personally I am not, because I know they are keeping up secured."



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