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Bill seeking to change referendum signature process Featured

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Bill seeking to change referendum signature process

AUGUSTA - Does the state's citizen initiated referendum process need to be changed?

That's a question Maine's legislators are wrestling with in Augusta. In fact, republicans submitted several bills to, they say, improve the process. Many republicans believe the process is being purchased by out-of-state special interests.


One of the bills is looking to make it illegal to pay people seeking signatures for ballot questions.


Representative Ellie Espling, R-New Glouster, said "There has to be a degree to which this is a bit challenging to get these things on the shouldn't be something that's just paid and bought for from out-of-state to get anything on."


Other bills dealing with the referendum process would require signatures represent the first and second congressional districts proportionally and exclude wildlife issues from ballot questions.


It most likely will be several months before the issue is resolved.