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Senators King and Collins speak out about Russian influence on election Featured

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Senators King and Collins speak out about Russian influence on election

WASHINGTON D.C. - We're going to follow the facts where they lead. That's what Senator Angus King is saying about an ongoing investigation into Russia's influence on the 2016 Presidential Election.

That investigation is being conducted by the Senate Intelligence Committee which both of Maine's senators are part of.


When asked about how recent reports of contact between the president's campaign aids and Russian officials will impact that investigation, Senator Collins said a special committee may not be necessary, saying in part, "They would have to hire staff, get security clearances. We have the ability and the bipartisan commitment to proceed with a vigorous, aggressive investigation to find out what happened."


That's something senator Angus King agrees with.


Meanwhile, the president has shifted focus a bit to leaks, saying in a tweet today that "The real scandal is classified information being given out like candy."


While Senator King may agree that leaks are problematic, he said it doesn't take away from recent events, including Michael Flynn's recent resignation.


King stated "It doesn't somehow erase or take away from the underlying fact that there was inappropriate, inappropriate is too mild a word, outrageous meddling in the election by the Russians and now what seems to be established that the national security advisor was in touch with the Russians and had discussions with them before the transition, before the inauguration about sanctions, that was improper."


Above all King said this is about determining how best to protect the United States.


At this point there is no proof the president's team worked with Russia in efforts to impact the election results.