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Protect your heart while shoveling snow Featured

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Protect your heart while shoveling snow

BANGOR - Mainer's have had a lot of practice shoveling snow in recent days, but along with the rising snow levels also comes an increased chance of developing health problems.

Shoveling snow can be especially risky for people living with heart disease and for those who simply aren't used to that level of exercise.


Doctor Scott Deron is a cardiologist at Saint Joseph Hospital in Bangor. He said people should take frequent breaks while shoveling snow to avoid putting too much stress on your heart. You should also listen to your body and don't ignore what your body is trying to tell you.


Dr. Deron stated "So if folks are having active discomfort, especially after exercise like shoveling snow, they've got to call their doctor. If they cant get a call back in a timely manner they need to call 911. Don't drive yourself. Have someone drive you to the hospital."


The doctor also recommends people learn the warning signs of a heart attack and CPR in order to help others. He also said to avoid drinking alcohol before or immediately after shoveling because it may cause people to underestimate the extra strain the body is under in the cold weather.


Avoiding hypothermia is another concern even during all that hard work.


We should dress in layers of warm clothing and wear a hat because much of the body's heat is lost through the head.