Thursday, 16 February 2017 11:00

Snowblower sales and repairs up Featured

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Snowblower sales and repairs up

PORTLAND - Shovels and snowblowers are getting quite a workout this week.

One repair shop said customers are buying snowblowers as fast as they can get them.


At Yerxa's in Southern Maine owners said it's been very busy with sales and service. They stated they're constantly ordering repair parts for overworked machines and the amount of snow has everything to do with it.


Sales manager Chris Yerxa said "The heavier the snowfall, the more repairs we get in, the more snow blowers we sell, we sell shovels, everything to do with snow, we've been selling out of. We have lots of parts in stock, we've been selling out of parts and having to order 'em every day .. So"


Yerxa said everyone from homeowners to landscapers and plow drivers have all been coming in for repairs and sales.


Businesses in the Bangor area are reporting the same. Especially over the weekend when snowblowers and other equipment was flying out the door ahead of the blizzard.