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Cities argue cuts to revenue sharing Featured

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Cities argue cuts to revenue sharing

AUGUSTA- The day started bright and early for some local leaders, with a trip to the state house.

Representatives from Brewer, Augusta, and Belfast, joined Mayor Joe Baldacci in Augusta on Wednesday to speak on behalf of the citizens.


He said that the revenue sharing is out of hand, and cities are not seeing the money they need to fund schools, infrastructures, and public services.


He also stated that Bangor alone has lost between $15 and 20 million dollars in funds over the last six years.


“Bangor generates one tenth of the states sales tax revenue, but in terms of giving back to us anything, it's negligible. And we really need them to understand that we need a helping hand,” said Baldacci.


Baldacci added the loss in funds has forced the city to lay off over 100 employees in the last six years, and only allowed for a less than one percent increase in school budgets.


He stated the House and Senate were both receptive, and plan to meet about the topic as early as Thursday.

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