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Residents say the Emmaus Center is more than a home Featured

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Residents say the Emmaus Center is more than a home

ELLSWORTH - The Emmaus Center in Ellsworth is changing peoples lives, but they cant do it without help. They receive state funding, but that isn't enough to keep its doors open to help everyone in need.

 Maintaining a family household is a difficult challenge.


But maintaining a household for 25 people? That's a whole different story.


"We need about 45,000 dollars to keep this place running every month" said Stacey Herrick, the Assistant Director of the Emmaus Center.


The Emmaus Center is generally full, but that doesn't stop people from trying reserve a spot. Herrick says they get five to ten calls a day.


Residents say this house is more then just a home, it provides programs to help get residents back on their feet. You can take Kathleen Cassidy's word for it, who says they provide many resources to residents. She's been at the center for five months, and is just waiting for her house inspection to move out, and reunite with Stuart her Chihuahua.


But none of it is possible without donations. They'll be having an upcoming fun raiser this spring to help reach their goals.

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