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Removing snow could save your life Featured

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BANGOR - The fire department is receiving calls about a deadly poison seeping into homes, but this can be prevented by preparing for the upcoming snow.

 Some say that waking up to ice crystals sprinkling your lawn is one of life's most beautiful gifts, until it all has to go.


"It's been really hard. The snow is very very deep as you can see, and the snow banks are even worse. So getting through the snow banks with a snow blower is very very hard, and with a shovel its impossible" said Brian Ames, the Owner of the buildings on 115 Main Street.


Business owners aren't getting paid overtime, but they are required to remove all snow from their store fronts.


"We gotta give them a little extra love today and tomorrow cause they're working extra hard for you" said Melissa Smith, the owner of Happy Endings.


Although this snow chore can seem like a hassle, consequences can build up. "Keep[ing] the vents clear is really important. said Jake Johnson, the Public Education Officer for the Bangor Fire Department. "Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas, you cant see it, you cant smell it, you cant taste it. Its produced anytime anything burns."


This CO poisoning comes from snow blocking your vents, and the dangerous symptoms can go unnoticed. "The symptoms of carbon monoxide are nefarious if you would. They're kind of like the flu. People have headaches, maybe dizzy. A little bit of nausea" said Johnson.


But this is Maine, and this is what we do. "There's nothing we can do about it except wait for it to come here and then well do some more work and get it done, and do the best we can." said Ames.

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