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Egg ride sends those with disabilities to camp Featured

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LEVANT - Snowmobilers are looking to help those with disabilities with a fun, yet messy tradition.

"Yeah, I got a lot of eggs in me," said Jarryd Tracy, a rider."


If it got paid for every single time that happens to me, I would send a kid to camp.


"I can't see anything below. It's very heavy," said Sasha Tracy, a rider.


When your suit is filled with eggs, some cracked and leaking. It can only lead to a good time.


"The response was beyond anyone's imagination," said Bob Duchesne, a representative for the State Legislator, "The fact is, because it was messy and you don't have to see it to imagine how bad it is. It caught on with people and they got really generous right from the beginning."


This odd tradition is part of an effort to raise money for a good cause.


"We get involved with the Pine Tree Camp Ride-In and I thought eggs - why not put them in the snow suit and the idea evolved," he said. 


Who would of thought that 31 years later, this tradition would continue to make an impact in the community.


"The idea that disabled children are able to do things that they couldn't otherwise. Pine Tree Camp is inspiring to people - to be able to let kids be normal and do normal things is exciting," said Duchesne, "It's all right here in Maine, all the money stays local.


This ride brings over $100,000.


"I fee like it's important to be able to offer a barrier free summer camp experience for adults and children, no matter what they can afford," said Tyler Cary, the development officer for the Pine Tree Society. 


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