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EdGE program teaches Kids outdoor survival skills Featured

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CHERRYFIELD - When lost in the woods, it is very important to stay in control. That's even more true during winter.

Getting lost in the woods is never a fun time, but luckily for the EdGE Seacoast Maine Seacoast's program is teaching these kids basic survival skills outdoors.


"That's important to know because if you get lost, and you don't know what to do, then you can't get the help to get out," said 4th grade student, Briana Willson. 


"You could actually like save a life," said Lukas Pounder, a 3rd grader. 


"Unfortunately many people have been lost and they don't know what to do if they do get lost," said Robin Pineo, a teacher attending the program, "These kids now have basic survival skills they could use if they ever get lost."


When they are not out searching for people, they are building fires to keep warm in the winter.


"It's a great skill for them to have," said Isaac Marnik, the assistant director for the EdGE Seacoast Maine Mission, "Many of them might not have ever made a fire before."


"So you don't have hypothermia," said 3rd grader, Nickson Rusecky. 


Safety isn't just important in the woods. Kids are also learning how to be safe on the ice.


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