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Submerged history to be uncovered in Greenville Featured

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GREENVILLE - An eery mystery is hiding in Greenville, and thanks to some curious citizens, they'll be uncovering some submerged history.

Years ago, Greenville was booming with prosperity. Visitors came to see over fifty magnificent boats that were lining the harbor, but there was one setback, many of the boats sank. According to Liz McKeil, the Executive Director of the Moosehead Marine Museum, there are as many as seventeen confirmed boats in the lake.

McKeil has been interested in the steamboats in her hometown for her entire life, and with help from a grant, she'll now be uncovering what she's always wanted through a documentary. Ryan Robins of Moosehead Divers has paired up with McKeil to get footage of many of the sunken boats.

But there is one steamboat that remains standing. The Katahadin can still be seen towering over Moosehead Lake, and she's the only one in Greenville still remaining above water to tell the her tale. The documentary will uncover her sister fleets details. The oral part of the documentary will be finished this upcoming Fall.

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