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Blue Hill thrift store burglarized Featured

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BLUE HILL - The Hancock County Sheriff's Office is investigating several burglaries in the Blue Hill area, but one is really having a big impact on the whole community.


"They broken the window in the sorting room out there," said Anne Walker, a volunteer at Turnstile Thrift Store, "(They) came in and opened the cash drawer and took everything out."


One of the burglaries happened at Turnstile Thrift Store early Wednesday morning.


"An initial investigation revealed that approximately $100, as well as several keys were stolen from the business during the commission of the burglary," said Detective Benjamin Astbury. 


"This is very unfair," said Walker, "We work hard to do this. We don't know why they did it. Maybe they were in a bad situation, but it doesn't' excuse it."


The thrift store provides money for food that stocks The Tree of Life Food Pantry. The pantry provides food for hundreds of families in the Blue Hill Peninsula area.


"The sheriff's office is going to be thoroughly and investigating this incident," said Astbury, "As well as several others that occurred in the Blue Hill Peninsula."


The Hancock County Sheriff's Office is encouraging anyone who may know what happen to report any information.

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