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Renovation begins at Maine Veterans' Home Featured

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BANGOR - “This is a lot different than just changing the wall colors and adding some new furniture and decorations. This is a complete redo of how we do care,” said Greg Urban, administrator of Maine Veterans' Home.

For the first time in 20 yea, the Maine Veterans Home is getting quite the makeover, and those involved in the project kicked it off with a special groundbreaking ceremony.


“It's time to do some updating. Things have changed. People's needs are changing and their wants are changing,” said Urban.


The $4 million project will create new spaces for rehabilitation, spruce up the 40 rooms, and incorporate the latest technology to offer our veterans the best possible care.


“They've earned it. They deserve it. And we owe it to them. So from our perspective, we want incredibly high quality construction, we want it to work extremely well, we want it to fulfill the vision of the design, and we want this to be comfortable for them,” said Karl Ward, president and CEO of Nickerson & O'Day.


Karl Ward and his team at Nickerson & O'Day, INC, the company managing the project, say they can't wait to take on the task.


“These people need to be treasured. They need to be cared for. We are amazingly honored to be asked to come be the construction manager on this project and that will be reflected in every nail we drive in the entire project,” said Ward.


The home will remain open during construction, and we are told the veterans have already shown interest in staying involved with the project.


The project is set to be complete in about a year.

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