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Nine priorities to strengthen forest economy Featured

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BANGOR - The forest industry is changing. With the need for many wood products depleting, leaders are trying to find new ways to stay relevant in maine.


Twenty five percent of the logging industry has officially been wiped out, and to keep the industry alive, officials are trying to make some changes

"Were meeting up with the university to help us collect data to see where Maine stands in the world" said Patrick Strauch, the Executive Director of the Maine Forest Products.

So what are are Maine's strengths? Leaders in the industry have identified nine key points, many of which are helping to strengthen Maine's rural economy, such as redeveloping and re-utilizing Maines closed mill industrial sites. The plan is to shift the logging industry so that it can create more useful "A Plastic bag, a football helmet, any number of things can be made. Even have looked so far as to make windows" said Stephen Schley, the President of Pingree Associates.

With help from legislators and policies, Maine can continue to use its vast resources to be a powerhouse in the logging industry.


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