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Update on Clifton veteran's roof project Featured

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Update on Clifton veteran's roof project

CLIFTON - 81-year-old Clifton veteran Jim Hodgins recently learned he'd be getting a new roof with the help of three local organizations. Now that roof is nearly finished.

AM Roofing and Roof Systems of Maine have completed repairs to the shingles portion of the roof, which has already reduced the leaks in the structure. All work is expected to be finished by next week.


The Maine Veterans Project reached out to the two roofing companies to help out Jim and they say so far he's happy with the large amount of work completed.


Doc Goodwin, Maine Veterans Project, said"There were multiple layers of bad shingles that were left on the roof so they had to do an extensive stripping. Also there was a portion that was completely rotted that they didn't see before so they did a lot of structure repair but i snapped a few photos and showed him and he was incredibly please, he said it's exactly what it looked like 20 years ago when it was brand new."


A new van was also donated to Jim recently by a couple in Whiting, which will also be ready to go next week.