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Kitchen donation delivered to House in the Woods Featured

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LEE - A "House in the Woods", now feeling more like a home complete with a place to cook.

Stacey and Joe of R.M. Flagg were able to pull together a kitchen donation worth $50,000.


Stacey Guerin explains, "That seems like a lot of money but when you look at the sacrifice of someone losing a family member, or having their family member deployed and not knowing day by day. It's just a small thing that we can do to honor the sacrifice of people in the military."


On Monday they delivered all the appliances to House in the Woods and installed the kitchen free of charge.


Deanna House says, "It's unbelievable I'm like so excited. There is stuff in there I have absolutely no idea what it is yet. It's commercial inside a kitchen or restaurant... Its beautiful"


House in the Woods is a retreat for recovering veterans. It provides a place for them and their families to heal from the hardships of war. Food is an important part of that healing process.


Paul House explains,"these vets are not disabled. That's a term that's been used too often, they are not not disabled ... They're our heros."


Veterans can find comfort in walking into the kitchen, opening the brand new refrigerator door and helping themselves to anything they want.


Deanna relates, "I've always seen around the food around, the kitchen, people are eating they start to relax they are laughing and then they start being able to share and heal and that all happens around food."


After their son Joel was killed in Iraq, Deanna and Paul found themselves with a new reality.


Deanna explains, "this place for me is a place for me to kind of learn that I have a different reality but I can still live a full life. And i believe that veterans will also learn that."


They hope to have the house finished by late February.