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New house to home families in need Featured

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ELLSWORTH - It is never easy being homeless or relying on welfare, but one organizations is working to give families a new future.

"You know we need a transition," said Dawn Coffin, the president of board of director, "We need something to be a transition for those that need it - between an emergency for those that need it between an emergency homeless shelter and living successfully on your own and this is a transition." 


This will provide families with a home for a year where they can get back on their feet. It will give them the necessary skills to move forward. Unlike some shelters, Families First Community Center(FFCC) will have on site daycare service and after school programs.


"They often still don't have enough to be successful on their own," said Coffin,  "They haven't learned the job skills, learn to drive - find reliable childcare. So they are literally staying home with a housing voucher and not making those steps that they wanted to make towards a career, a job or even being able to drive their kids to soccer after school."


Although they can only house six families, they will be offering walk-in classes for those that want to change.


"People really must want to change their lives to come here," she said, "That's the difference between a transition home and an regular shelter that we have seen throughout the state."


Tenants will be working on a life plan 40 hrs a week. This will not only help parents,  but break the cycle of generational homelessness.


"If you have grown up not knowing any different - Intermittent housing, sleeping on grandma's couch, sleeping in a trailer with no electricity here - you really have no way knowing that life could be so much different for you," said Coffin. 


They are trying raise $275,000 to purchase the house. Those that want to help can visit their website for more information. There is also a gofundme account for the cause. 

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