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Two lungs save one life Featured

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VEAZIE- No one can tell how long you'll live if you don't receive a lung transplant, and a man in Veazie just replaced both of his.


"I dont think I'd be here without the transplant".

In 2010, Patrick Donavan discovered he had Pulmonary Fibrosis, a collection of scar tissue that make it hard for oxygen to get to your blood. It's a progressive and terminal disease, eventually leading him to need a double lung transfer.

"He couldn't keep his breathing up even while he was sleeping" said his wife, Kim Donovan.

With the severity of his condition getting worse, he was put on the transplant list. After just 30 days waiting, Patrick still remembers the call that saved his life, saying it was at 12:45AM. Kim raced him to Boston in the four hours necessary for the transplant. "It all fell into place for me" said Patrick.

But Patricks journey had just begun, being a recipient of a transplant isn't easy. Everyday activities are carefully monitored, he's required to take medicine multiple times a day, and they keep a daily track record of his performance.

Patrick says, his life wasn't the only one saved because of this donor, but others were saved due to the kidney, and other organs.

Lucky for Patrick, his number one supporter has been right by his side through it all. "I couldn't do it without her".

If you would like to become an organ donor you can visit www.neob.org

Or if you would like to help Patrick Donovan, visit www.helphopelive.org/campain/11999

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