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Camp Capella celebrates their new expansion Featured

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DEDHAM- There's good news for Camp Capella. They are expanding so more children can benefit from the experiences they offer.

Children have never had more opportunities to enjoy the beautiful grounds of Camp Capella


"They have been our inspiration." said Dana Mosher, the Former Executive Director said about the children who attend camp. "We are inspired by these kids and to see them come to camp with a smile and laughter, you cant beat it.That's what this camp is about."


They plan on building new cabins on 25 acres of land and the exploring new programs for special needs children.The new executive director says, they're excited for one thing the new campers.


The construction has begun on the new camp with all of the money being donated through private funding.they're starting from the ground up.


Although Mosher is stepping down from his executive director position, he said he'll still be around to volunteer, saying " I'm gonna be here, and hopefully giving them boat rides and doing whatever is helpful for the camp on a volunteer basis".


And the New Executive Director, Laurie Turner said she feels ready to step into her new roll. "I knew it was something I needed to take a stab at, and its right here in our backyard".


She's taking over the beautiful scenery to help special needs children have the experience they deserve.


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