Thursday, 01 September 2016 16:34

Truck lands in Union River Featured

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ELLSWORTH - A scary ride this afternoon for a man who ended up in the Union River in Ellsworth.

Police said Charles Stratton, 61, was traveling on Washington Street when something caused him to lose control. His pickup ended up swerving into Harbor Park where he struck a tree and a rock before going airborne into the river.


The demolished vehicle ended up near the end of the boat ramp.


Ellsworth Police Lieutenant, Harald Page said "The harbor master and another bystander just happen to be here and went into pull him out and got him out of the car before he may have drowned. If they didn't get him out of the car. Thanks to them they did a great job getting him out."


Lieutenant Page suspects a medical issue might have caused Stratton to lose control, but he hasn't had a chance to interview him.


Stratton was conscious when he was rushed to a local hospital for treatment.