Thursday, 18 August 2016 10:03

27,000 more deer permits to be issued Featured

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AUGUSTA - Maine wildlife regulators are letting more people hunt any kind of deer they want this fall. Regulators voted to issue about 45,000 any deer permits this season.

That's about a 60 percent increase from last year.

Anyone with a hunting license can shoot a deer with antlers, but for hunters with an any deer permit females are fair game too. Biologists said this is needed to help balance the eco-system. They said after a mild winter last year. There are concerns about the size of the population.


Judy Camusa, IFW said "We do have issues with overpopulation of deer in many parts of the state. We have nuisance issues, we have people getting lyme disease, there's car or vehicle collisions."


Wildlife officials expect the increase in any deer permits will lead to about 27,000 deer being harvested overall.


This year's deadline to apply for one has already passed.