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Maine Maritime Students finally return home Featured

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CASTINE- The town of Castine was full of excitement today as a ship that's been at sea for ninety days holding many important passengers, returned home.


The five hundred foot long "State of Maine" officially docked Monday morning, bringing home students embarking on their voyage around the world. Captain Nathan Gandy, the Dean of Maritime Training says during the trip, "There's highs and lows, there's a lot of fun to be had, there's a lot of learning to be going on, and there are other times people were tired and ready to be home".

Maine Maritime students couldn't wait to get back to their families the second the ship docked, and parents were just as excited. Anne Roberts, the mother of Wyatt Roberts, kept stating that she "Couldn't wait for him to get off the boat!"

Two hundred and nine students were able to embark on this trip, learning navigation, engineering, and other ship handling practices with forty nine faculty members. They traveled around the world, including up and down the East Coast. Gandy said that one of the favorites was Belgium, as they haven't been able to port there in many years.

"Its just like school, you spend your days going to school, you get good grades, and go back home" said Elliot Grindle, a second class Cadet Master. "You also get to eat a lot of good food" said Parker Spear, the Regimental Commander, speaking about docking on ports across the world.

Although many of the students say their journey was a once in a lifetime experience, there are a few things they can't wait to get back to, Grindle saying "I'm just looking forward to sleeping in a bed that's not moving".

"I cant wait to sleep in past 7:30" said Spear.



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