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Brewer is the site of state's most energy efficient apartments Featured

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BREWER - A new three-story 48-unit low-income apartment in Brewer is being touted as one of the most energy efficient apartments in North America.

For many years, an elementary school occupied the location. It was torn down to make way for the Village Centre, a three-story 48-unit low-income apartment building. It was designed to be extremely energy efficient.


Brewer's economic development director, D'Arcy Main-Boyington said the building is an asset for the city.


Community Housing of Maine has more than a dozen projects in the works throughout the state. And, plans call for at least one of them to mimic the energy efficiency of the Village Centre.


Currently, nearly three-quarters of the apartments are occupied, with a 200 person waiting list for vacancies.


During Wednesday afternoon's open house, many residents gladly opened their apartments to visitors.


Residents are coming from across the region, but some of them have special ties to the building's location.

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