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Shelter needs community support to continue helping neglected animals Featured

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PENOBSCOT - A local Penobscot animal shelter is in need of donations to continue to save the lives of thousand of animals that are neglected and abused. 

Daniella Tessier's passion is animals. For years she has been saving lives of more than 200 animals. She is now the owner and director of the Peace Ridge Sanctuary.


"Most of our animals come from cruelty and neglectful situations where if we don't take them, they have no place to go," said Tessier. 


So far, she has saved over 1,000 animals and continues to help the rescues by providing them with a permanent home and stopping them for being used in production. 


"There are so many other animals that need our help, so I knew that I wanted to start a shelter for animals that are not usually thought about, needing rescue can come," said Tessier. 


Typically when you go to a shelter you might see a cat, a dog, or maybe a guinea pig, but little did people know that cows, goats and even pigs need a place. With your help you can provide that for them.


Currently they are at capacity and need to raise over $300,000 so they can move to their new location in Brooks. They want to move all of the current rescues to the new location and use their current one for quarantined animals. 


"I would like to make a plead to people to get behind your local shelter to help us get to the new property, to support us and see what we are going to do because we really are going to do some great things for animal welfare in the state," said Tessier. 


People who want to help, can do so by donating or volunteering.


Sarah Shaafi has been volunteering for two years and according to her, it is hard work, but to be able to help the animals, is relaxing and rewarding. 


"The animals are always going to need a place like this, animals take a while to change until they fully change to the point where animals aren't viewed as production units or for our own use, there is always going to be a need for a place like peace ridge," said Shaafi. 


The shelter has until fall to raise the money for the Brooks shelter so that more lives can be saved.


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