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A new organization seeks to save historical Olmsted land Featured

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BANGOR - A new nonprofit organization is looking to help local communities in a more relaxing way.

There is a mansion where you can go and fulfill your basic wellness needs. A place where community members can go on a retreat and enjoy nature around them.


"It's an experiential education center. We have had all kinds of learning opportunities for caregivers and folks looking to restore their own life," said Sandy Fortin, the founder and executive director of The Green Gem Holistic Healing Oasis. "The energy up on this space is unique and you really can't explain it, unless you have been here to experience it," she said. 


The Green Gem provides people with a historic place to do yoga, meditate and even paint. They are looking to have its grand opening in early October. They are also needing organizations to help them with their cause.


"So this particular project is one of those restoration projects for our community, for our health and for ourselves," said Fortin. "If we can preserve this green open space for Bangor, we will be creating a wellness environment that we really hope to have for our community," she said. 


Because they are only leasing the mansion, the location is only on hold until they can find a way to purchase the property.


"The developer would like to put 40 condos on this 20 acres, which will demolish the Olmsted gardens and the urban forests that exist on the property," said Fortin. "This green open space, the wildlife, it would all be gone," she said. 


The Olmsted landscape is full of history and that history mixed with the beautiful scenery allows for a quiet and relaxing environment to offer classes to the public.


"We're trying to get back to that healthier lifestyle and helping to empower people with choices that are healthy," said Fortin. 


The Green Gem offers people a venue for weddings and creative means of handling stress. People gathered in the all purpose room to paint their animal muse, using the animals' qualities to help enhance their lives.


"Coming to the Green Gem is like stepping out of your normal life and being imbued in this beautiful place," said Cindy Taylor Clark, a certified intentional creativity teacher and coach. "It's my soul work, I came here to do this work. I love to paint," she said. 


Wendy Candelmo has been attending art class for three months, she drives over two hours just to come to an environment that she feels welcomed and at peace.


"It's just good for your overall health and well being, it stimulates your imagination and makes you think things more clearly," said CandeImo. "I don't know, it just has a good energy when you come here," she said. 


It's all about choices in life, you can choose to ignore this, I just don't want to hear about it in a hundred years from now when you're walking on pavement and not in the woods," said Fortin. "You have to make a choice and take action. It takes every single one of us and will take hundreds of people to save this green space, the history that takes place on this piece of property as well and we haven't even tapped into that," she said. 


As of now, they are looking for experts to help develop an international retreat center, they are also looking for volunteers and help out however they can. For more information on how you can volunteer or donate, visit their website at

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