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Mayor Sean Faircloth on Bangor's new energy initiative Featured

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BANGOR - A new initiative could help Bangor residents save money on energy costs. It's an effort by the city council with a main goal to lower that heating bill, which can get costly during cold months.


 Craig Colson sat with Mayor Sean Faircloth to discuss where this initiative is heading and who benefits from it.



While the historic nature of some homes in Bangor have an attractive feel, many are not the most energy efficient. In fact, it could be costing owners a lot more to keep it insulated and running during long winters.



"Maine has twice as many homes built before 1940s compared to the national average, People like beautiful older homes and they are attracting people from away, they love old homes, a lot of them are not very energy efficient." said Faircloth.



The city council has come up with a way to save money during the winter for Bangor residents that are eligible. The new program will boost the Efficiency Maine program, giving residents a quicker turn around on their energy saving investment.



People will have the opportunity before this next winter to participate in energy saving managers with spending a lot less money that they have in the past on their winter heating bill.



It's an energy saving incentive. Bangor will hold a big forum either in July or August. That we will show people all the opportunities to save money and be can contract with someone and then start achieving savings this coming winter.



According to Faircloth, this new system will help people with medical issues like asthma by improving indoor air quality.


We will keep you updated on when and where the forum will be conducted.