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Heart & Soul to increase quality of life in Bucksport

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BUCKSPORT - After suffering an economic blow when the Bucksport mill closed, the town is moving ahead. It's looking toward a new future with a new group called Heart & Soul.

"I think this is a really good start to reinventing the town of Bucksport in loo of what happened to the mill," said Dairy Port owner, Larry Wahl. 


With for sales signs hanging in the window's of some stores downtown, some may wonder if people will stay in Bucksport.


"There's not a lot to do downtown, yet but there will be," said Andy Lacher, owner of Bookstacks. "That's my confidence."


And hope is what he has for what the Heart & Soul wants to accomplish.


"The Heart & Soul program is, you find out what people want and what they like first and then build on that," said Lacher


What many are wanting is to increase the quality of life in Bucksport; to keep people who live here and to attract others. .


"If we had something here that would bring people in, the people that live here would say maybe it is okay and that this is a cool little town but until that happens," said Lacher. 


Hosted by Richard and Kimberly Rosen, the Heart & Soul headquarters is now in the former Rosen's Department Store in the heart of Bucksport.


By collecting the values, interests and dreams of members of the community, the Heart & Soul will use it as a guide for Bucksport's future.


"It's more of a relaxed setting. You'll find all groups of ages of people who will actually be here," said Richard Rotella, director of community and economic development. "We've had over 52 volunteers ranging in age and you'll never know who will listen to your story; maybe a next door neighbor."


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